Manas Agro was established in 2001 dealing exclusively in producing and supplying neutral spirits. One of the main purpose was to serve the local farmers. Manas takes pride in producing finest ENA to support the local communities. 
Our Team

Sandeep Dhamdere

Vice-President, Marketing & Sales

With over 25 years of experience in the AlcoBev industry. Mr. Dhamdere has worked with institutions such as Diageo, ABD & Bacardi. An avid football fan, he supports Chelsea & is currently supporting Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

Nikhil Bhoomkar


Heading a liquor consultancy & flavour company, Mr. Bhoomkar has over half a decade of experience in blending. Aware that the Indian alco-bev industry is about to reach its boom, he is actively innovating to contribute to the industry, one bottle at a time.

Global Presence